Permitting Information Portal FAQ

Orange County recently implemented a new permit tracking/management software system, commonly referred to as the Land Management Central Permitting System (LMCPS) designed to allow various County Departments to utilize the same property and applicant data in an effort to:

  • Streamline the permit and inspection(s) process for our customers; and
  • Improve field inspectors’ access to permit data and allow them to enter inspection data on-site in real time.

Work on this project includes development of the Permitting Information Portal (PIP) providing customers with:

  1. Information on where, exactly, a development permit is in the review process;
  2. Streamlined permit review process; and
  3. Improved reporting capabilities.

PIP is mobile friendly and will be a time saver for you and your development teams and provides customers with 24/7 online access to various permitting activities within Orange County.