Diversion News - CJRD Diversion Newsletter

Diversion News, Fall 2022, Volume 1, Issue 1


OC-PAD serves adult first time offenders in certain misdemeanors. www.orangecountync.gov/OCPAD Desmond Frierson: dfrierson@orangecountync.gov 

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The Lantern Project serves adults with substance use disorders and/ or behavioral health issues. www.orangecountync.gov/LanternProject Megan Pickard: mpickard@orangecountync.gov 

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The Youth Deflection Program (YDP) serves youth 17 and under who commit low level non-violent offenses. www.orangecountync.gov/YDP Tami Pfeifer: tpfeifer@orangecountync.gov 

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Street Outreach, Harm Reduction, and Deflection (SOHRAD) works with people experiencing homelessness. www.orangecountync.gov/SOHRAD Tiffany Hall: tihall@orangecountync.gov 

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