Justice Advisory Council

The Justice Advisory Council (JAC), commissioned by the Board of County Commissioners in May 2016, is an appointed body of elected and senior legal system leaders and stakeholders that includes participants from the court system, the sheriff and police departments, social services, the school districts, county commissioners, and more. The JAC convenes on a regular basis to coordinate systematic responses to legal system issues in Orange County. The JAC coordinates, informs, and enhances the work of the Criminal Justice Resource Department and is aligned with the best practices for the administration of an effective, innovative, and equitable criminal legal system.

The JAC’s goals include examining the County’s legal system through collaborative efforts and research; promoting safety; improving the just and efficient treatment of offenders; and reducing crime rates, incarceration rates, and recidivism. The JAC is advisory in nature and does not have authority over any public or private entity, but does report to the Orange County Board of Commissioners.

The Justice Advisory Council meets quarterly and meetings are open to the public. The last meeting was held virtually on Friday, November 12, 2021, 10:00 am to 11:30 am. 2022 meeting dates are Feb 11, 2022; May 13, 2022; Aug 26, 2022; and Nov 4, 2022.

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JAC Meeting Agenda

Upcoming Meeting Agenda Link - February 11, 2022

Link to past meeting agendas

JAC Structure and Membership [Updated February 2022]

Administrators and Contacts for the Council:

Caitlin Fenhagen – Criminal Justice Resource Director
Travis Myren – Deputy County Manager