Emergency Services


Orange County Emergency Services is dedicated to ensuring the appropriate and efficient response to emergencies throughout Orange County operating twenty-four hours each day, year round.


Orange County Emergency Services consists of:

  • 9-1-1 Communications Division
  • Emergency Management Division
  • Emergency Medical Services Division
  • Fire Marshal Division

Disaster Response

In addition, Emergency Services also plans for the Orange County response to a disaster and other complex emergencies. Disaster planning integrates all of the critical Orange County departments with the local municipalities as well as state and federal agencies.

Did you know?

Orange County has tax assistance programs for which Orange County residents may qualify. The Tax Office now offers and easy-to-use tool to find out if you qualify for any of these programs. Click Here to access it.

Notice of Orange County application for Hazard Mitigation Grant

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and North Carolina Emergency Management have received the following applications for Federal grant funding. Notice is hereby given of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s consideration to provide funding in the form of a Hazard Mitigation Grant.

Comments are solicited from the public; local, state or federal agencies; and other interested parties in order to consider and evaluate the impacts of the proposed project. The comments should be made in writing and addressed to Orange County, Attn: Mr. William Saunders, or emailed to ksaunders@orangecountync.gov by Oct. 25, 2019..