Cruelty Complaints & Concerns

Suspected cases of animal cruelty should be reported by calling 919-942-7387, option 1. Investigators may ask for the following information:

  • Animal owner information, if known
  • Date and time of suspected abuse or neglect
  • Description of animal
  • Location of animal
  • Type of animal
  • Type of suspected abuse or neglect
  • Other details as needed

Complaints of abuse and neglect will be investigated as to their validity. When appropriate, legal action is taken by formally charging the violator. Legal Definitions for cruelty can be found in the NC State Animal Cruelty Statute and the Orange County Animal Ordinance (PDF).

Anonymous Reporting

While anonymous reporting is allowed, Animal Services encourages the self-identification to ensure any investigation can perform necessary follow-up. However, complainants' names are considered public records, subject to disclosure to the public upon request. This may prompt some persons to prefer to submit cruelty complaints anonymously.

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