Tips for Keeping Coyotes Away

  • Keep garbage properly contained
  • Do not feed pets outside or keep pet food outdoors
  • Keep grills cleaned and covered
  • Remove standing water sources, such as old tires or watering cans
  • Dispose of fruit that has fallen from trees
  • Remove bird feeders. Coyotes are attracted by both the bird seed and the birds.
  • Dispose of dead wildlife. Contact your waste removal company for animals on private property or the city for animals on roadways
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed and clean up brushy areas that provide habitat to animals that coyotes prey upon
  • Secure areas under decks and sheds, and enclose crawl spaces
  • Fencing yards can discourage coyotes if fences are higher than six (6) feet tall and coyote proof
  • Motion-sensor lights may alert you to coyotes in your yard
  • Don't be intimidated by a coyote. Maintain its weariness by throwing a small object (such as a tennis ball) at it, raising your arms and yelling (called "hazing"), or spraying it with a hose. Let it know it is unwelcome near your home.

If you have questions or concerns about coyotes or other wildlife, please contact the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. Orange County Animal Services typically only responds to wildlife situations that involve exposure to rabies. If you have a situation that may involve rabies exposure, please contact Animal Control at 919-942-7387,  option 1. For an animal-related emergency after regular hours (such as animal bites to humans or exposure to rabies), please call 9-1-1.

Do Not Feed the Coyotes Sign