Ordinances and Fees

Civil Penalties & Fees

These fees will only affect pet owners who violate county animal ordinances.

Violation Amounts

Failure to Permit Kennel Inspection$25
Failure to Vaccinate (Rabies)$200
Failure to Wear Rabies Tag$50
Public Nuisance Violations$50, $100, $200, $300, $400

Fees for Animal Intake and Animal Recovery

Animal SurrenderCost
Orange County Residents$0
Out of County Surrender*$100
Field Surrender$25
Surrender for Euthanasia$60

*Orange County Animal Services is not currently accepting out-of-county animal surrenders

Animal RecoverySterilized Animal CostUnsterilized Animal Cost
Reclaim 1$25$50
Reclaim 2$50$100
Reclaim 3$100*$200
Reclaim 4 or more$200*$400

*If proof of sterilization is provided to Animal Services within 90 days of recovery of pet (3 or more reclaims) $100 of the recovery fee will be refunded. Ask about details.

Boarding Fees

Court/Seizure Hold$18
Bite/Scratch/Rabies Quarantine$18

Kennel Permit

Kennel Permit fee = $100

These fees are designed to encourage responsible pet ownership and improve the health and safety of not only the animals, but also the community as a whole. The fees collected help to offset the costs of shelter operations, Animal Control and Protection services, lost and found pet services, and pet overpopulation management in Orange County.