Community Climate Action Grant Program

Thank you for you interest in Orange County's Community Climate Action Grant Program.

The FY20-21 round of grant funding opened on September 18, 2020.

Application Materials:

Orange County Community Climate Action Grant - Application and Instructions FY20-21

Climate Action Fund Application and Instructions FY20-21 - Fillable

Orange County Community Climate Action Grant FY 20-21 - Budget Worksheets


Resources for Applicants:

Impact Estimation Tools - It can be challenging to estimate the potential positive or negative impacts of a project as the grant application requests. There are many tools out there to assist with these calculations including the following: 

Please check back soon!

Need Help?:

We want you to succeed! If you have any questions or you need technical assistance with your project design or application, please contact the Orange County Sustainability Coordinator, Brennan Bouma at

Additional Background:

The application and the scoring of proposed projects are based on the eligibility and scoring guidelines that the Board of County Commissioners created and adopted in June:

Community Climate Action Grant - Eligibility and Project Scoring Guidelines for FY20-21 - Adopted June 2020