Natural & Cultural Resources

The Natural and Cultural Resources Division coordinates efforts toward environmental protection and resource conservation, including:

  • Cultural Resources (Farmland, Historic and Archaeological)
  • Natural Resources (Air/Climate, Land, and Water)

Land Conservation

Division staff works on a variety of issues and projects to conserve lands that possess some combination of resources (or conservation values) that are highly important to Orange County residents. To implement resource conservation objectives in the Orange County Comprehensive Plan, some of those efforts are in partnership with: 

  • Interested landowners-often
  • Non-Government organizations
  • Other County departments
  • Town government
  • Volunteer advisory boards

Staff Support

The Division also provides staff support for the following volunteer citizen boards that advise the Orange County Board of Commissioners: Commission for the Environment, Agricultural Preservation Board, and Historic Preservation Commission. The Division also helps produce the State of Environment reports for Orange County.


Technical assistance on many of the following topics is available upon request or through one of the specific programs listed.

Current Updates

Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) Bylaw Revisions
Interim Alternative Implementation Approach (IAIA) Document 

  1. Air Quality
  2. Energy Conservation
  3. Farmland Preservation
  4. Historic Preservation
  5. Land Conservation
  6. Water Resources

Air Quality Information