Environment / Agriculture / Parks & Recreation

Orange County Government no longer requires masks to enter county buildings and/or participate in recreation programs. 

However, we do recommend that participants wear masks who are:

  •  At high risk for severe illness or if you want an added layer of protection. 
  • Not up to date on vaccines or are in an age demographic currently not approved to receive a Covid-19 vaccine shot.
  • If you have a COVID infection or exposure. 
  • Around others if you have COVID-19 symptoms.   

Registrations for programs or reservation of park facilities may be done online or by calling 919-245-2660. 

The Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation (DEAPR) works to conserve and manage the natural and cultural resources of Orange County. Included within this "green infrastructure" are  natural areas and nature preserves, open spaces, parks and recreation facilities, water resources, and agricultural and cultural resource lands. Consistent with the strong environmental ethic of the community, DEAPR also strives to bring environmental education, recreation, athletics and other programs to residents of the County - with a goal of promoting cultural, physical and natural stewardship and well-being.

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Inclusion Statement

Orange County Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation(DEAPR) is committed to providing inclusive recreation opportunities and encourages individuals with and without disabilities to participate together. In order for individuals with disabilities to participate as fully as possible, reasonable accommodations will be provided. If you or a family member will need accommodations, please refer to the staff directory listing to contact us.