About Emergency Services

Emergency Services is the Orange County Department charged with providing help and support to the citizens and visitors of Orange County during times of personal and large-scale emergency. In addition, Emergency Services is responsible for coordinating the response efforts of the various agencies that act in an emergency capacity on the day-to-day level as well as during major catastrophic events.

The department is organized into four mission areas by the services provided. Overall leadership of Emergency Services is provided by the Director who is responsible for all of the ongoing operations of the department. Each of the four mission areas is led by an Assistant Chief and his or her staff. View the ethos and core values of the Department (PDF).

911 Telecommunications Division

This division provides Enhanced 911 call services for Orange County. The Telecommunications Center is the public safety answering point and is the link for citizens to access law enforcement and emergency service agencies. The telecommunications center is fully staffed 24 hours of every day.

Division of Fire and Life Safety

The Emergency Services Division of Fire and Life Safety is responsible for enforcing the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code, conducting fire inspections, reviewing plans for new building construction, fire/arson investigations, county fire department coordination, hazardous materials response, and SARA Title III reporting in the unincorporated areas of Orange County. The Fire Marshal's office operates during business hours for routine services, but is on call 24 hour every day.

Emergency Medical Services Division

Nicknamed "EMS," Emergency Medical Services crews assess and treat medical emergencies throughout Orange county and transport sick and injured patients to area hospitals when necessary. EMS is staffed 24 hours of every day. Care is provided according to the treatment protocols (PDF).

Emergency Management Division

Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating Orange County's preparation for and response to emergency situations. To adequately address these potential threats, whether man made or natural, the Emergency Services Department maintains the County's emergency management framework, which outlines emergency response functions.

When Orange County activates the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), staff works with County departments as well as various city, state and federal agencies to respond effectively and quickly to provide for the continuity of services to the public.

  1. Emergency Services

    Physical Address
    510 Meadowlands Dr
    Hillsborough, NC 27278

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 8181
    Hillsborough, NC 27278

    Fax: 919-732-8130
    Emergency Phone: 911