County Budgets

Operating Budget

The County operates under an balanced budget each fiscal year, from July 1 through June 30, per North Carolina law. The operating budget estimates the total value of resources required to perform all county operations. The budget also sets various tax and fee rates for the upcoming year.

In May, the County Manager presents a balanced, recommended budget to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The BOCC conducts multiple work sessions and public hearings before it approves the final budget, in June.

Supplemental Documents

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Capital Investment Plan (CIP) Budget

Orange County's Capital Investment Plan (CIP) serves as a annual planning tool to forecast long-range future capital needs for both school districts and the County. This plan examines infrastructure and equipment needs, provides a planning schedule and identifies available financing options for the next five years.

The CIP also provides a link between the County's strategic plans and its annual budget; the first year of the CIP's budget is adopted in June, in conjunction with the operating budget.