Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

The County’s Capital Investment Plan (CIP) serves as an annual planning tool to forecast long-range future capital needs for both school districts and the County. This plan examines infrastructure and equipment needs, provides a planning schedule, and identifies available financing options for the next ten years. (Note: Prior to the recommendation of the FY2022-32 CIP, the plan forecasted five years.)

In April, the County Manager recommends a CIP to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The BOCC conducts public hearings and work sessions, and may amend the Recommended CIP, before approving a final CIP in June. The first year budget of the CIP is adopted with the County's Annual Operating Budget, linking the County’s strategic plans and its annual budget. The CIP contains County capital project budgets and narratives; school systems’ project budgets and narratives; and supplemental materials and presentations.

FY 2023-33

FY 2022-32

FY 2021-26

Prior Years