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Who Can Use This Service?

You must have internet access and an email or text number that you monitor regularly. A smart phone with internet access works best.  Only Federal and NC State returns will be prepared. Some tax situations cannot be handled by our VITA Volunteers. Review this Eligibility Checklist to ensure we can prepare your taxes.

How Does It Work?  

We have partnered with GetYourRefund.Org to provide a safe and convenient way for you to send us your tax information electronically.  It’s fast and easy!  If you can post a picture to Facebook, you can use this service.

  • Use the Get Started Button below and follow the instructions to answer tax questions, snap photos of your tax documents, and upload them with the click of a button.
  • We'll review your documents and call you to verify we have everything needed before beginning your return.
  • You’ll receive an electronic copy of the return and review the results with us over the phone. 
  • You’ll electronically sign a form authorizing us to e-file the return.
  • Your return can be accessed through your account until December and you can request a paper copy if needed.

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Read these Quick Tips for Getting Started

Please Note:  

You can begin the Virtual VITA process anytime between February 2 and April 3.    You must complete your initial phone call with a preparer by April 7 in order to ensure that your return will be filed by the April 15 deadline.



Do-It-Yourself Taxes

Do-It-Yourself Taxes allows you to file federal and state income taxes from home using IRS-certified tax software.  Requires a home computer and internet connection.  Assistance with the software program and tax questions are provided by the software vendor through online chat, email or phone. Note that Orange County VITA volunteers do not provide support or answer tax questions.  

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