Veterinary Care Assistance Program

We Want to Help

In order to keep more pets in their homes with their families, we have developed a fund that can assist Orange County residents with non-routine, non-emergency veterinary expenses. In general, we see many heartbreaking pet surrenders to our shelter as a result of owners not being able to afford to properly care for their pets when they need medical attention. 

This fund is available to Orange County residents based on their needs and ability to meet income criteria. Obtaining this assistance would require collaboration with local veterinarians or specialists, and may cover full or partial medical expenses for issues such as: skin infections and other skin issues, dental issues, minor surgeries, etc. This fund does not cover routine veterinary visits and vaccinations. This fund does not cover urgent, emergency situations that require immediate attention. Funds will be issued directly to veterinarians and veterinary clinics or hospitals. These funds are made available by generous donations.


Would you like to donate to this program and help others? Please visit our GoFundMe page.