Spay / Neuter

Animal Services wants to make the community aware of low-cost or no-cost spay/neuter services that may be available. It is the hope of Animal Services and Orange County that spay/neuter assistance programs will increase the number of pets that are spayed and neutered in the County, and in turn help eliminate the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation we face as a community.

No-Cost And Low-Cost Spaying and Neutering

Orange County, North Carolina

If you are a DSS client or qualify by income, you can receive a no-cost spay/neuter voucher to be used at one of our specific partners for your pet when our spay/neuter programs are active. If you do not qualify for no-cost services, we can let you know about low-cost options. 

Orange County North Carolina residents, fill out this INQUIRY FORM and someone will contact you regarding spay/neuter assistance for your pets. (See the inquiry form in Spanish here.)* 

*Please know that one of our partners (and one the largest providers of spay/neuter services in our area and others in NC) has recently closed and discontinued services. We will continue our efforts to help residents find providers for these services, but please understand that there may be delays as we work to find other providers for spay or neuter. Thank you for your patience.

Managing Pet Overpopulation

Animal Services Staff and the Animal Services Advisory Board have worked together to develop a strategic plan for managing pet overpopulation in Orange County. Read Managing Pet Overpopulation: A Strategic Plan for Orange County, North Carolina (PDF).

The intent of this plan is to support and promote targeted sterilization in order to reduce the number of animals that must be sheltered; control and manage the costs of animal services; and reduce the use of euthanasia as a means of population control. View updates about the overpopulation efforts from these Community Spay Neuter Program reports.

To see older Spay/Neuter reports, please click here and go to Animal Services-->Animal Services Reports-->Spay Neuter Reports 

Managing Free-Roaming Cats in Orange County

(Working Cats)

Do you have free-roaming cats (sometimes called Working Cats or Community Cats) on your Orange County property that need to be spayed or neutered? If so, you may be able to have them spayed or neutered FOR FREE! Please submit inquiries about free-roaming cat spay/neuter assistance here

Spaying & Neutering Saves Lives!