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Preventing accidental poisonings in your home.   

To children, lots of medicines look just like candy.

Pick a place your children cannot reach.

Find a place in your home that is too high for children to reach or see. Different families will have different places. Walk around your home and find the best place to keep your medicines, vitamins, and supplements—especially those in gummy form containing CBD— up and away, even between doses. Make sure that medicines carried with you (including those in purses, bags, pockets, or pill organizers) are also kept out of sight and reach of young children. Contact the OCHD if you need help with finding a place or need a locking box for your medicines and supplements.  

About the Program

If you live in Orange County and want to improve your home health and safety, the Orange County Health Department's Healthy Homes program might be the resource for you!  Healthy Homes is a free educational program for families in Orange County. The Healthy Home Specialist can help you take control of health hazards in the home such as air quality, fire safety, fall prevention, prevention of household poisoning, gun storage, onsite water protection, and childhood lead prevention. 

The Healthy Homes Environmental Health Specialist will schedule a home assessment and identify environmental triggers that may be making household members sick or injured. They will provide you with a report on how to make your home more healthy and safe. 

During the home assessment, the Healthy Homes Coordinator will:

  • Identify potential home health and safety hazards.
  • Provide health education on environmental health/home safety measures, green cleaning practices, and affordable housing resources.
  • Follow-up may be provided to ensure improved health outcomes and behaviors.

Who it Serves

This program serves families and individuals who:

  • Live in Orange County

Scheduling an Assessment


Medical providers

  • To make a referral for a home visit for a child with poorly controlled asthma who lives in Orange County use the provider referral form (PDF)

Interpretation and translation services are provided upon request. Servicios de interpretación y traducción son ofrecidos con su solicitud.

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