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Job seekers, right now, there are part-time and full-time jobs available. Large retailers and delivery companies – Amazon, CostCo, WalMart, and several grocery and pharmacy chains are hiring people for warehouse, stocking, cashier and delivery positions. In addition, jobs working remotely from home are also available, and increasing significantly. Many businesses and organizations are hiring. A list of companies currently hiring for remote jobs is available on the under the Resources for Mature Job Seekers tab below. 

If you are interested in applying for any of these jobs, you need to be sure your resume and cover letter are current, strong and compelling. You will want to be confident and knowledgeable about interviewing -- how best to answer questions, and what questions you should ask. If you want help, please email our employment specialist, Mike Komives or call/text (919) 616-8778.

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Resources for Mature Job Seekers

Develop Your 2021 Job Search Action Plan Now

To search for a job, here are three things you should do right now.

  1. Define the kind of work you want to do. What are you qualified to do? What are you really good at? And because your ideal job might not be available right away, you also need to confirm the kind of work you will and can do in the meantime. See more about Ideal and Acceptable Jobs.
  2. Get started with Networking. All of us are challenged by the pandemic and the economy. Because over 50% of all jobs are not posted, you need to know how you learn about them. One really good way is through networking. This can be done by everyone, even if you are introverted and shy. For more information, see Networking Thoughts and Contact List.
  3. Guiding Your Networking Contacts can be done quite easily. We’ve developed Networking Briefs for you to make and use. It’s one-page with three essential parts – your name and contact information, a summary of you, and a section called “Here’s how you can help” that makes it easy for anyone to help you. See Networking Brief Thoughts and two examples here: (Example One and Example Two).

To see all of the Department on Aging’s new and modified programs, visit our COVID-19 Resources for Seniors page.


Mature job seekers, for questions, information, or help with your job search or starting your own business contact Mike Komives, Employment Specialist, by phone/text at 919-616-8778 or email skomives@orangecountync.gov.

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