Tattoos, PTattoos on Armsermanent Makeup, and Microblading

Tattoo artists that apply ink or pigment to the skin with a needle or blade must be permitted in North Carolina. Tattoo Permits are issued to each tattoo artist in the location where he/she does the tattoo work.

In addition to the requirements of licensed cosmetic arts, aestheticians who provide microblading or permanent makeup services to the public must also be permitted in the location where the service occurs.

Inspections & Permitting

Inspection and permitting assures basic sanitary requirements to prevent the spread of disease. Artists should complete an application, pay an annual fee, and pass an inspection prior to a permit issuance prior to conducting any services.

Those interested in receiving a tattoo or permanent makeup should verify that the artist has a current permit posted in their place of business.

Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate

Artists are encouraged to have a current Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate. View more information about the certificate.

Tattoo FAQs

How often is a tattoo artist inspected?
Inspections are conducted at least once per year. A new permit is required for each artist annually.

Who issues permits for tattoo artists?
Orange County Environmental Health issues permits to each individual tattoo artists within a designated location.

More Information

You can also view the inspection grades for tattoo establishments and additional resources for tattoo artists.