Other Services

other veterans services

Education and Training 

Benefits are available to eligible veterans, dependents, reservists, and service members while they are in an approved training program. Our major programs are:

  • Montgomery GI Bill: Persons who first entered active duty after June 30, 1985, are generally eligible. Some Vietnam Era veterans and certain veterans separated under special programs are also eligible. The bill also includes a program for certain reservists and National Guard members.
  • Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP): This program is for veterans who entered active duty for the first time after December 31, 1976, and before July 1, 1985, and contributed to a training fund
  • Survivor's & Dependent's Educational Assistance: Some family members of disabled or deceased veterans are eligible for education benefits.

Home Loans 

The Veterans Administration offers assistance with obtaining a certificate of eligibility for a VA-guaranteed loan to build, repair or improve a home (including special grants for adapting homes to accommodate special needs), and/or refinance an existing home loan. Request for a Certificate of Eligibility.

  • Guaranteed Loans: The VA can guarantee part of a loan from a private lender to help you buy a home, a manufactured home, a lot for a manufactured home, or certain types of condominiums. The VA also guarantees loans for building, repairing, and improving homes.
  • Refinancing Loans: If you have a VA mortgage, the VA can help you refinance your loan at a lower interest rate. You may also refinance a non-VA loan.
  • Special Grants: Certain disabled veterans can receive grants to have their homes specially adapted to their needs.

Vocational Rehabilitation & Training

  • Are available to certain service-connected disabled veterans who are unable to get and keep suitable employment. Some of the services the VA provides are:
  • Employment and case management services
  • Vocational and Rehabilitation counseling
  • Payment of training costs
  • Monthly payments to help with living expenses
  • Medical and dental treatment, if needed, to complete your program

You can learn more about Vocational Rehabilitation by visiting 548 Smith Level Road, Carrboro, 27510 or calling 1-888-359-3695.

Life Insurance

Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) is low-cost term life insurance for service members and reservists. Generally, coverage begins when you enter the service. It is available in amounts up to $200,000. Generally, it expires 120 days after you get out of the service.

Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) is renewable five-year term life insurance for veterans. It is available in amounts up to $200,000. You may apply any time within 1 year from the date your SGLI expires.

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance also called "RH" Insurance is life insurance for service-disabled veterans. The basic coverage is $10,000. If your premium payments for the basic policy are waived, you may be eligible for a supplemental policy of up to $20,000. Generally, you have 2 years after being notified of your service-connected disability to apply for basic coverage.