Climate and Environmental Responsibility 

Orange County Climate Action Plan

On November 2, 2023, the Orange County Board of County Commissioners adopted the County's first Climate Action Plan. See the full Climate Action Plan here!

Orange County's Climate Action Plan focuses on strategies, programs, and policies we need to implement and prioritize to address the climate emergency. The resulting CAP serves as our roadmap to determine how best to reduce emissions and meet climate goals.

Orange County Climate Action Plan Dashboard

Click here to view the interactive dashboard displaying the focus areas of the Climate Action Plan and more. Find the answers to these important questions: what is climate change? Why is climate change important? What is Orange County's climate goal?

Environmental Responsibility

In December, 2005 the Orange County Board of County Commissioners adopted a goal of Environmental Responsibility in County Government (PDF). Implementation of these goals is handled by a number of county departments, including Asset Management Services, DEAPR, Solid Waste and Information Technology among others. Additional information can be found on the Orange County Sustainability Program page.