After School

Orange County Recreation offers an after-school enrichment program primarily for elementary-age students enrolled in Pathways Elementary, River Park Elementary, Central Elementary, and Hillsborough Elementary. The program is located at the Central Recreation Center in downtown Hillsborough. Transportation from your child's school to the Central Recreation Center will be provided via County owned and operated 15 passenger vans. The After School Enrichment Program provides enrichment learning including sports and fitness, homework assistance, STEAM-based activities in the areas of science, engineering, art, music, and much more. The program operates from school dismissal until 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday when school is in session. Snack is provided.

Program Details

  • Grades: Pre-K-5th
  • School Requirement: Pathways Elementary
    • Enrollments from River Park Elementary, Central Elementary, and Hillsborough Elementary may be put on a waitlist
  • Fee: $99/mo
Session: Dates: Program #:
January Jan. 3-Jan. 31 (no class Jan. 17, 20, & 21) 800000-2022E
February  Feb. 1-Feb. 28 (no class Feb. 25) 800000-2022F
March Mar. 1-Mar. 25 (no class Mar. 28-Apr. 1) 800000-2022G
April  Apr. 4-Apr. 29 (no class Apr. 15 & 18) 800000-2022H
May-June May 2-June 9 (no class May 30) 800000-2022I