State Provided Property Tax Assistance Programs

The North Carolina General Assembly offers three programs: the Elderly and Disabled Exclusion, the Disabled Veteran Exclusion, and the Circuit Breaker Tax Deferment. Please contact us to discuss eligibility or for assistance in completing the application.

Under certain circumstances, individuals may be eligible for reduced taxes or participation in other special programs if they meet the requirements specified in the North Carolina General Statues. Below is a list of the assistance programs available to Orange County residents:

Please contact us for more information or click the Property Tax Assistance Evaluator button below to see if you might qualify for one or more of the tax assistance programs.

Property Tax Assistance Evaluator button

You are not required to use the Property Tax Assistance Evaluator before submitting an application to the Orange County Tax Office. You may simply fill out, sign and submit a completed application.

New County Provided Property Tax Assistance Program