About DSS


The Orange County Department of Social Services shall meet with clients at their point of need to provide preventive, supportive, and restorative services delivered with competence and compassion while striving to protect vulnerable children, the at-risk elderly, persons with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged in our community. These services will enhance skills, broaden knowledge, and encourage self-sufficiency and independence. We will work to preserve the dignity and privacy of all people and provide programs of human welfare with the goal of improving the quality of life for Orange County residents.


All residents will be able to live safe and healthy lives in Orange County regardless of economic situation, sex, age, disability, religion, color, sexual orientation, familial status, race, veteran status, ethnicity or national origin.  The Department of Social Services will work to ensure that all residents will be able to reside in and maintain safe and affordable housing. Orange County residents will be insured and no disparities will exist in health based on ethnic background. Preventable child deaths and injuries will be eliminated and all children will live in a nurturing family environment. Aging and disabled residents will have the choice to live with dignity in their own homes. Individuals and families will have food security and no one in Orange County will go hungry. Heads of household will be able to provide adequate financial support for their families.


The goals of the Orange County Department of Social Services are as follows:

  • Children in our community will be safe and healthy and live in stable and nurturing family environments.
  • Economically disadvantaged families and individuals in our community will become self-sufficient.
  • Aging and disabled adults in our community will be safe and healthy and live in the least restrictive settings possible.
  • Low-income families in Orange County will be able to meet their basic needs.
  • The community will understand the issues facing low-income and at-risk Orange County residents and partner with the Department of Social Services to meet goals of safety and self-sufficiency for all residents.
  • The Orange County Department of Social Services will employ and retain highly qualified, compassionate and committed staff who share in the vision of the agency, and will provide these staff with a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment with opportunities for growth and development.
  • The Orange County Department of Social Services will be a responsible government agency, and will provide effective, efficient, and high-quality services to all eligible Orange County residents delivered in a manner respecting each individual and their situation, background, and privacy of each individual while maintaining a high level of fiscal accountability.