Solid Waste Master Plan: Road to Zero Waste

Solid Waste Master Plan

The Solid Waste Master Plan aims to identify a sustainable business model for managing waste that considers the financial, social, and environmental impacts on the community while setting forth the future programs, initiatives, facilities, and infrastructure needed to reach the plan goal of "Zero Waste" by 2045.

Throughout 2022 the Department has been reviewing our systems and will seek inpswmp graphic webut from the Community and strategize a path forward that is equitable, innovative, and sustainable for those that live, work, and play in Orange County.

Updates on the master plan will be posted on this page, in the Solid Waste & Recycling E-News, on the Department’s social media platforms and in various advertisements. If you have questions about the process of developing the master plan or our services, please contact our office by calling (919) 968-2788 or emailing