Caregiver Support Services


Orange County Caregiver Awareness, Respite, Education & Support (OC CARES) is proud to offer both individualized and community level supports to caregivers. Please reach out to the Aging Information Helpline at 919-968-2087 or for more information.

Caregiver Supports are now available both online and in person!  See details below in the ‘Individualized’ and ‘Community’ tabs for up-to-date information about upcoming program options. For more information and assistance email the Aging Transitions team or call 919-968-2087.

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DOWNLOAD the current Caregiver Programming flier (pdf) for program details, dates and times. REGISTER 1 day prior to the meeting. To register, call the Aging Helpline at 919-968-2087. 

Tips for Caregivers from Caregivers (PDF)
This publication provides the top ten tips experienced caregivers would give to new caregivers in their own words. It is meant to be an accessible document with quick takeaways for anyone who may find themselves in a caregiving position.

  1. Individualized
  2. Community

Activity Engagement Coaching

  • It can sometimes be challenging to find ways to keep loved ones with dementia engaged throughout the day. For caregivers connected to our various dementia support programs, we are offering one-on-one consultations where we can brainstorm with you to identify enjoyable activities that are meaningful, person-centered, and appropriately modified to the current level of cognitive ability.


  • Schedule an opportunity to speak with a caregiver or dementia support specialist regarding your specific caregiving situation.

Counseling Services

  • Our team of social workers are available to work with older adults and caregivers for brief counseling services, free of charge. We can work with you on issues including anxiety, depression, caregiver stress and loneliness. Contact the Aging Helpline (919) 968-2087 or for more information.

Dementia-Caregiving Coaching

  • Our social worker and occupational therapist team are available to support you through challenging situations that may arise along the dementia-caregiving journey.

Memory Screenings

  • Schedule a time with our MOCA Certified staff to complete a screening and learn more about you or a loved one’s specific areas of cognitive strength and challenge.

Options Counseling

  • Trained Options Counselors provide guidance to individuals as they make informed choices about long-term services and supports.

Music In My Mind

  • To learn more about Music in My Mind Orange County or to become a part of our team of volunteers and organizers, contact the Aging Helpline at (919) 968-2087 or

In-Home Assistance Resources