Accessible Technology

If you or someone you know has a vision or hearing impairment, the Orange County Public Library has tools to make it easier to use our collections, services, and programs. 

Tools for Vision or Hearing Impaired Customers

  • Assistive listening systems, available upon request - Hillsborough
  • Handheld magnifiers - Hillsborough and Carrboro
  • Kindles preloaded with e-books - Hillsborough 
  • Large desktop magnifier - Hillsborough

To schedule an appointment for a demonstration of our portable equipment at your community organization, contact Jason Richmond. 

Low Vision Reading Materials

Additional Resources

Established in 1991, the Triangle Disability Awareness Council assists communities to implement the American for Disabilities Act through education, training, and other initiatives.

Orange County’s Department of Social Services helps with eye certification, adjustment and self-support, orientation and mobility, and counseling.

The North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped provides services for persons who cannot use regular printed material because of a visual or physical disability. Librarians in Hillsborough or Carrboro can help you register for their services. Once registered, you can:

  • Borrow books, magazines, and large print and braille books
  • Check out digital talking book players
  • Request materials be mailed to you, if you live in North Carolina

Bookshare is an accessible online library for people with vision impairments. Free memberships are available for U.S. students.