Adolescent Parenting Program (APP)


The Adolescent Parenting Program (APP) is a free program that serves any Orange County pregnant or parenting teen nineteen years or younger, who wants support achieving life goals and establishing family plans. This program is a part of the Department of Social Services, and works with other community agencies such as the school systems and the health department. Social Workers will meet with the participants at least monthly at home, school, or other community locations.


The APP assists pregnant or parenting adolescents by providing services and support to participants who are interested in:

  • Accessing health care for teen parent and child
  • Delaying a subsequent pregnancy
  • Improving parenting skills
  • Increasing knowledge about prenatal and child development
  • Participating in teen parent support group meetings
  • Preparing for employment and college success

The APP program has proven effective at helping young parents. Over 90% of the teen parents who have participated in the program have not experienced a subsequent pregnancy during the time they were involved in APP. The incidence of child abuse and neglect is much lower for APP participants than for teen parents outside of the program. 

Learn More and Apply

For more information, contact the Adolescent Parenting Program social worker via phone at 919-245-2800 or email

To make a referral, please complete the Parenting Program Referral Form.

For your convenience, a copy of the referral form has been provided.