Tax Payment Options

You can pay your County taxes using the options outlined on this page.

Cash, Check or Money Order

  • Mail checks to:
    Orange County Tax Office, P.O. Box 8181, Hillsborough, NC 27278
  • Pay in Person at Orange County Tax Office, 228 South Churton Street in  Hillsborough
  • A $25 will be charged for any checks returned due to insufficient funds
  • Make checks payable to: Orange County Tax Collector

Pay by card or E-Check

  • Orange County has partnered with PayIt LLC to offer electronic payment solutions to its taxpayers. A convenience fee will be charged for all E-Payment transactions. This convenience fee is paid to PayIt LLC for the use of its automated service and Orange County does not receive any portion.
  • Internet and Phone payments by Card1.85% processing fee + $2.00 transaction fee
  • Point of Sale (in person) payments by Card2.35% processing fee
  • ACH/e-Check payments$1.25 processing fee + $2.00 transaction fee
  • This fee is separate from your property tax amount.
  • Pay OnlineBy Phone 919-583-6137 or in person at Orange County Tax Office, 228 South Churton Street in  Hillsborough

Personal Online Banking Bill Pay

  • Pay a tax bill using your financial institution’s bill pay service.
  • Allow additional time for processing, we recommend scheduling your payment to be sent to us by your financial institution at least 5 business days prior to the actual due date on the tax bill.
  • Be certain to verify the property tax bill number is submitted with your payment to ensure proper credit. Delayed posting may occur if the incorrect tax number is provided. The bill number is printed in color on your bill.
  • If making an advance payment, please have your bank indicate ‘Prepayment’ on the remittance.  
  • Make payable and remit to: Orange County Tax Office P.O. Box 8181, Hillsborough, NC 27278.


Orange County Tax Office offers a Bank Draft Program that will allow you to pay 2022 real and personal property taxes over a 10-month period.  This will relieve you of mailing monthly payments, and it will be a convenient way to pay taxes.


  • You may choose to have payments drafted on either the 5th or the 20th of the month. Drafts on the 5th will begin in February and finish in November; drafts on the 20th will begin in January and finish in October.
  • Applications will be accepted by mail, in person or by email.  Please submit a new application for each year that you choose to participate.
  • Tax bills for registered motor vehicles are not eligible for this program.

If a financial emergency develops, please notify this office at least five days before the next payment is to be drafted.   We offer two options in these cases.  The first is to have us cancel that month's draft and resume the next month as scheduled.   The second is to have us cancel the draft for the remainder of the year. 

You will receive the original bill that is sent out in July or August. This bill will reflect any payments made up to the billing date. A balance due receipt with a suggested draft change amount will be mailed separately.  If you wish to adjust your draft amount for the remaining months to insure that all taxes are paid, please contact Tonya Smith to approve the draft change, or with any questions about the draft program at 919-245-2729 or by email at

Please be advised that payments are non-refundable.

What to do:

  1. Provide your completed application to the tax office by January 10, 2022.  You can choose any amount to be drafted or use the Suggested Draft Amount provided.   (Please note that this yields an estimate only.)
  2. Watch for us to draft your account each month.  A balance due receipt with a suggested draft change amount will be sent in August for an update to the draft amount if needed to pay out the taxes with the remaining drafts.
  3. A final balance due or paid in full receipt will be mailed in November, after the bank draft program is closed for the calendar year.  If there is a balance due, please pay the balance due by January 5, 2023.
  4. A new application must be completed each year for which you want to participate in the bank draft program. 

For questions about this program, contact the Tax Office at 919-245-2100 option 2.

Delinquent Collection Remedies

Enforced collection of taxes begins as soon as the bill becomes delinquent. Legal actions to collect taxes include, but are not limited to: garnishment of wages, attachment of bank accounts and rents, seizure and sale of personal property, and foreclosure and sale of real property.

All enforced collection methods include collection costs that you are required to pay in addition to taxes, penalties, and interest. Delinquent real property taxes are advertised in March.

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