What Goes in my Blue Recycle Cart?

There is a lot yBlue_Cartou can recycle in Orange County, but there are very specific items that should and should not be recycled in your blue cart. Please use these guides to help you Recycle Right!

To recycle any other items that cannot go in your blue cart please visit our A-Z Recycle Guide and check out what you can recycle at our Waste & Recycling Centers.

What Plastic Items does Orange County Accept?

Orange County no longer uses the resin code number system (i.e. #1-7 plastics) to identify which types of plastic are accepted in single-stream recycling, including curbside recycling. Instead, the County follows the shape rule. Plastic bottles, tubs, jugs, and jars are the only plastic items accepted in single-stream recycling and curbside recycling carts. Caps and lids are okay, as long as they are reattached to the item. All items should be empty and rinsed.

Resin codes can be misleading and are not intended for consumer use; they are used by manufacturers to determine an item’s chemical makeup. Not all items with a number can be recycled in Orange County. For example, plastic bags are often #2 HDPE. Milk jugs may also be made of #2 HDPE. Plastic bags are NOT accepted in curbside recycling, while milk jugs are accepted. The same situation applies to other items, in which only some items within a number category are accepted.

Please recycle plastic only in the shape of bottles, tubs, jugs, and jars in single-stream recycling or curbside recycling carts. If you are unsure whether a specific item is recyclable, please use the A-Z Waste and Recycle Guide search tool.

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