Finance & Administrative Services

Department Overview


The Department of Finance & Administrative Services strives to be a strategic partner to the County in providing fiscal leadership, excellent service delivery, and financial accountability for all residents and stakeholders. 


The Department of Finance and Administrative Services administers Orange County's financial matters. These activities include:

  • accounting;
  • capital planning;
  • debt administration;
  • financial reporting;
  • fiscal policy and compliance;
  • payables and payroll processing; and
  • purchasing.


The Department of Finance & Administrative Services is committed to:

  • Financial administration procedures and policies that maximize:
    • accurate accounting;
    • prompt payment of obligations;
    • preservation of high credit ratings;
    • management information for decision making;
    • timely and meaningful financial reporting; and
    • effective financial planning.
  • Adherence to legal, ethical and professional standards.
  • High quality results in operations characterized by integrity, trust, and respect.
  • Leadership. 
  • Sustained excellence achieved by continuous improvement in operations.

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