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Our staff and volunteers cater to the educational needs of your caregiver, corporate, or civic group, so let us know what you’re interested in and we’ll customize it for you. All offerings are free and available virtually. Explore the tabs below for topic areas and available titles.

  1. Aging in Community
  2. Caregiver Series
  3. End of Life

Aging-in-Community (Orange County Staff)

Growing older is a blessing we should all hope for, but it can come with challenges. It is important to plan ahead for how to make your home safe, who will be on your support team, and what tools you may need.

Cognitive Change 
This talk seeks to foster a better understanding of this condition and how we can support people who are experiencing some cognitive decline but are still able to live independently.

Dementia Friendly Orange County
A dementia awareness training that local organizations are encouraged to offer their customer-facing staff. The training focuses on how to recognize the signs of dementia and develop successful communication strategies to better serve community members living with this condition.

Fall Prevention
More than 1 out of 4 older adults in the US falls each year and many falls can lead to serious injuries. While falls are extremely common, they are often preventable! Join us to learn how to adjust your environment, care for your body and your mind to reduce your risk of falling.

Home Safety
Our home should be somewhere we feel comfortable and safe. As we age, some familiar situation may become challenging or even dangerous. Learn how to reduce your risk of falls or other injuries in the home.

Mental Health 101
Learn about common mental health concerns, helpful tools and community resources available to older adults.

Transportation Basics – Navigating Orange County
Learn the different modes of transportation, including medical and ADA transit available in our community.   Learn the basics of reading a bus schedule, planning a bus trip, and how you can use the transit systems in our region to access popular destinations in the Triangle and beyond.

Welcome to Medicare! 
If you’re turning 65, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all the information “bombarding” you about Medicare. The Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) and the Orange County Department on Aging offer FREE monthly group sessions on Medicare. Whether you’re retiring soon, already retired, or continuing to work, you’ll get valuable information including how and when to enroll, Medicare’s costs and benefits, and your many options.

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