Frequent hand washing is the first step in stopping the spread of colds, flu, and other illnesses. The following resources will help you learn and explain the importance of hand washing.

Electronic Hand Washing Toolkit

We developed this toolkit (PDF) for groups that need quick information about hand washing. Resources were compiled from leading health information sources like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization, and local and state health departments. Includes resources for children and adults, links to popular hand washing web sites, and links to online videos and podcasts.

Hand Washing KitHand Washing Demo Kit (Available for Loan)

Schools and community groups can borrow our GlitterBug Hand Washing Demo Kit to teach hand washing skills. The GlitterBug uses a powder that mimics dirt and germs when placed on the hands and viewed under black light. Participants must follow the proper hand washing techniques to remove the powder off their hands.

The unit comes with a black light, powder, scrub brushes, and lesson plans. It runs on D-cell batteries or an AC adapter (provided). You must have access to soap and running water. Groups will also get hand washing mirror reminders. Call 919-245-2462 for more information.

"Be a Germ Buster" Hand Washing Instructions

Good for adults and children. Shows the 6 steps of hand washing. Developed by the Washington State Department of Health.

View the Spanish version (PDF) or English version (PDF).

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