What if I need more assistance getting on the bus?

All customers have the right to travel with a personal care assistant (PCA) and should indicate their intent to do so when making a reservation. Some people have a level of disability that necessitates their use of a PCA. Customers who cannot travel safely or comfortably without being accompanied by or met by a PCA must understand that Orange County Public Transportation drivers cannot fulfill PCA duties. Some duties that may be performed by a PCA but not by a Orange County Public Transportation driver include and are not limited to:

  • Assisting a customer in removing a jacket.
  • Repositioning a customer in a wheelchair.
  • Providing physical support for a customer to walk between the vehicle and the outermost exterior door of the pick-up or destination.
  • Assisting a customer with changing oxygen canisters.
  • Traveling with or meeting a customer who cannot be left unattended at the destination.
  • Traveling with customers who cannot be left unattended for a brief time on a Orange County Public Transportation vehicle without risk to themselves or others.
  • Assisting a customer who travels with a service animal but cannot board or disembark that animal from the vehicle without assistance.
  • Unlocking and/or opening the door to a customer's private residence.
  • Assisting a customer using a wheelchair in navigating up or down any steps or curbs to or from the Orange County Public Transportation vehicle.
  • Operating the controls of an electronically operated mobility device.

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