What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Town of Hillsborough has adopted a Comprehensive Plan outlining, amongst other things, the anticipated levels of growth throughout the community. The Plan represents the vision of the Town outlining areas where various land uses (i.e. residential, commercial, office, industrial, etc.) are anticipated to occur. This allows community officials to work with property owners to promote specific land uses and development intensities throughout the Town.

As part of this process, the Town of Hillsborough and Orange County jointly adopted the Central Orange Coordinated Area (COCA) Land-Use Plan for lands within the Town's established Urban Service Boundary. The COCA Land-Use Plan, which is a component of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, is a tool to determine the consistency of any proposed rezoning request with the Town/County future land-use visions for a given area.

The area the county is looking to develop is designated as ‘Rural Living,’ which is an area intended to allow for low-density residential uses (densities below 0.5 dwelling units per acre) in areas without public water and sewer service, in locations where continued low-intensity use without public water and sewer is desirable for the foreseeable future. Given the availability of utility infrastructure (i.e. water and sewer) the County is requesting a change in the future land-use designation of this area to ‘Suburban Office’. This will only become effective if the request is adopted by the Town after its public hearing.

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