What is ETJ?

Extraterritorial Jurisdictional (ETJ) authority is the process by which a municipality extends their land development regulations (i.e. zoning and subdivision regulations) to an area around its existing corporate limits. By doing so, the ETJ area is developed ‘in harmony’ with those adjacent properties already located within the municipality's corporate limits as they are required to abide by the same development standards. North Carolina cities have had ETJ authority since approximately 1959.

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1. Why does Orange County need a new detention center?
2. If the county acquires the properties for the Northern Campus uses, would the properties be annexed into Hillsborough?
3. What progress has been made regarding the Northern Campus since the County acquired the properties in April, 2018?
4. Aren’t there other sites you could use?
5. Why is the Highway 70 site the best location?
6. Why does Orange County need a new Environment and Agricultural center?
7. What is a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)?
8. What will happen to the current facility?
9. What is ETJ?
10. What is the Comprehensive Plan?
11. What Hillsborough land-use ordinance provisions are being requested to be amended by Orange County for the County Northern Campus?
12. What are the criteria used in site selection and evaluation for the Orange County North Campus?
13. What kind of due diligence did the county perform on the site?