What is tethering?

Tethering refers to the keeping of dogs on chains, ropes or other such tie-outs versus within a fenced structure. It is often defined in reference to a stationary object (for example, a dog chained to a stake near a dog house), but also includes overhead trolley systems. Tethering does not refer to walking a dog on a leash.

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1. What is tethering?
2. What are the restrictions of the new ordinance amendment?
3. What exceptions are included in the amendment?
4. How long do people who currently tether have to make changes?
5. Will the ordinance changes affect me if I live inside a township in Orange County?
6. What resources are available for those wanting to switch from tethering to another means of confinement?
7. Why did the BOCC consider tethering restrictions?
8. What are the reasons for these changes?
9. Why tethering? Can't dogs be neglected and abused in kennels as well?
10. How does the adoption of this ordinance affect County resources?
11. Where can I find additional information and copies of background documents?