I live on a private road – what can I do to get service?

If you live on a private road, please contact Lumos by emailing FiberConstruction@lumosfiber.comIn the subject line of the email, type "Private Road" and your address. A Lumos representative will contact you to determine if a no-cost utility easement is needed for Lumos to provide services on your road. Please note that if your address is included in a later phase of the project, a Lumos representative may not be able to immediately respond to you, but Lumos will save your information and contact you as soon as possible.

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1. Now that Phase I has been announced, what happens next?
2. How long will it take to build out the network, and when will services be available?
3. Will Lumos offer a low-cost option?
4. I live on a private road – what can I do to get service?
5. I want to sign up. What do I do?
6. My home is far off the main road – what can I do?
7. What kinds of service options are available, and what is the cost?
8. Why did Orange County decide Broadband was a priority?
9. Why did Orange County choose to partner with Lumos?
10. How is Orange County paying for its share?
11. What will Lumos do?