What factors might limit which organizations can provide services to me?
  • Renting: Only Central Piedmont Community Action Inc. can work with landlords to negotiate assistance with some weatherization and HVAC repairs for rental properties. Otherwise, no other organization in the OCHPC can serve renters. This does not include people who own a mobile home but rent a lot, however this does also limit some organizations from being able to serve you.
  • Income: Your income may limit which organizations can serve you. Some organizations do not have income requirements – usually those focused on people 55 years or older; these organizations usually cannot complete larger scale projects.
  • Size of Repair: Organizations have varying capacities to complete larger repairs or modifications. Therefore, sometimes you may not qualify for the organization who can complete that size of repair.
  • Age and Disability Status: If you are above 55 years old or have a legal disability status, you may be eligible for some programs. For organizations that have them, age requirements range from 55 - 62 years old.
  • Funding: While you may fit the eligibility criteria for an organization to complete your repairs or modifications, sometimes it takes time for funding to be available to complete the project. This may slow the process of receiving repairs.

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1. What sorts of services do OCHPC organizations provide?
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3. What factors might limit which organizations can provide services to me?
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