Who is eligible for services through the OCHPC?
  • Orange County Resident
  • Homeowners (only Weatherization and HVAC are available to renters)
  • Each organization has varying and complex eligibility criteria related to age, income, disability status, and size of repair. Please read through the next question’s information to get a better understanding of what may limit which of the OCHPC organizations can serve you.
  • However, part of the reason we exist is to prevent you from having to figure out which organization is best for you to apply for. So, if you are an Orange County residents and need repairs, please reach out and we will work with you to navigate these eligibility criteria.

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1. What sorts of services do OCHPC organizations provide?
2. Who is eligible for services through the OCHPC?
3. What factors might limit which organizations can provide services to me?
4. How can I receive services from OCHPC organizations?