What are the eligible uses of the grant funds?

Business expenses in the following categories as a result of a need to expanded a business model to accommodate social distancing:

  • Fund working capital or operational funds
  • Purchase equipment, commercial-use vehicles, or machinery for the business
  • Improve owner-occupied commercial property; owner must occupy 50% or more of total space
  • Sustain or expand business services or products
  • Retain or expand workforce development and job creation
  • Fund tenant up-fit and lease-hold improvements to the business

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1. What is the purpose of the County’s financial assistance program?
2. What businesses are eligible/ineligible to apply for funding through this program?
3. Who will review grant applications and determine the awards?
4. What will the application and funding process look like?
5. What criteria will be used to evaluate a small business applicant’s economic need to receive a grant?
6. What are the eligible uses of the grant funds?
7. What are examples of unauthorized uses of grant funds?
8. What is the amount of the grant program’s potential award value to a small business applicant?
9. What is the cost to a small business that receives a grant?
10. What types of financial records and related documentation will be required as part of the grant application process?
11. How much funding is available for the program?