What exceptions are included in the amendment?

Tethering in excess of the 3-hour maximum is allowed:

  • During any activity where a tethered dog is in the visual range of its owner or keeper, and its owner or keeper is outside with the dog
  • While being walked with a handheld leash
  • During training and performance (or sporting) events for dogs, including but not limited to field and obedience trails, where tethering does not occur for a period exceeding 7 days
  • While actively herding, shepherding or cultivating agricultural products where tethering is reasonably necessary for the safety of the dog
  • When camping or during other recreational activities where tethering is required by the camping or recreational area where the dog is located
  • After taking possession of a dog that appears to be a stray and notifying Animal Control while trying to find the dog’s owner or keeper, for a period of no more than 7 consecutive days

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1. What is tethering?
2. What are the restrictions of the new ordinance amendment?
3. What exceptions are included in the amendment?
4. How long do people who currently tether have to make changes?
5. Will the ordinance changes affect me if I live inside a township in Orange County?
6. What resources are available for those wanting to switch from tethering to another means of confinement?
7. Why did the BOCC consider tethering restrictions?
8. What are the reasons for these changes?
9. Why tethering? Can't dogs be neglected and abused in kennels as well?
10. How does the adoption of this ordinance affect County resources?
11. Where can I find additional information and copies of background documents?