5. What are the other loan eligibility criteria?

Loan eligibility criteria:

  1.  Current Outside Agency recipient with three-year average score of at least 85%
  2. Clean Audit opinion (Third Party Independent Auditor – Most Recent Audit)
  3. Three years Audited Financial Statements for completion of Nonprofit Financial Capacity Review

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1. 1. What is the New Capital Loan Program available for Nonprofit/Outside Agencies?
2. 2. What is the County’s Capital Funding Policy for Nonprofits?
3. 3. What is the timeline for applying for a County capital loan?
4. 4. Do I need to be a currently County funded Nonprofit (Outside Agency) to qualify for this new Capital Loan program?
5. 5. What are the other loan eligibility criteria?
6. 6. What is reviewed in the Financial Capacity Review?
7. 7. Does the Capital Loan Program only apply to building/renovation expenses?
8. 8. What is the minimum and maximum allowable amount for loan applications?
9. 9. How many loan requests may an agency submit in the same fiscal year?
10. 10. How many loan applications can an agency have open at one-time meaning can loans overlap – or is there a maximum number of loans an agency can have open?
11. 11. Our agency is located outside of Orange County but we serve Orange County residents – do I qualify for the Capital Loan Program?
12. 12. What are the required financial documents for a capital loan request?
13. 13. What are the payoff terms?
14. 14. Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding the Capital Loan Program?