Who pays the SWPF?

Payments are assigned as follows:

  • All owners of improved property in Orange County must pay the SWPF. If a property has multiple units such as an apartment complex or shopping center, each individual unit, or each “front door,” is assessed a Solid Waste Programs Fee.
  • Owners of the parcel of land on which there are single-wide mobile homes or leaseholds on which there are double-wide homes or other habitable structures, will be assessed the SWPF for all units on their property eligible to receive service. The SWPF will be assessed to the real property owner for each habitable unit on that property.
  • All public buildings such as schools, local government, state government, and OWASA pay the fee.
  • UNC Chapel Hill and UNC Health Care (on campus) do not pay the fee as each has its own comprehensive recycling program.

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1. Who pays the SWPF?
2. What if I believe the fee is inaccurately assessed and wish to appeal?