What prompted this amendment?

Concerns from local residents and property owners over the lack of regulation(s) ensuring the display of a flag does not dominate local skylines.

Staff in the County Attorney’s office and Planning Department were directed to clarify standards governing the overall allowable height of flagpoles, their distance from common property lines, the allowable number of flags/flagpoles that could be erected on property, and maximum allowable flag area.

For more information on the purpose and intent of the amendment, please refer to the minutes from the March 20, 2018, BOCC regular meeting.

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1. What prompted this amendment?
2. Isn't this just an attempt to ban a specific type of flag?
3. What changes did the BOCC approve on May 15, 2018?
4. Which areas of the county are impacted by the ordinance?
5. What about flags that have already been erected within the County?
6. What about flagpoles?
7. Can a flag be mounted on a structure?
8. If I cannot meet established setbacks, does this mean I cannot erect a flagpole?
9. Does a flag painted on a structure have to meet established size limits?