What are good temperature controls?

Good temperature control guidelines include:

  • Keep hot foods hot (at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter) and cold foods cold (at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder), buffet items may require heated pans or ice trays to maintain proper temperatures
  • Throw out food held over 2 hours at room temperature
  • Heat foods quickly - do not put cold or frozen food in a crock pot without first heating to at least 17 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cool foods quickly - separate bulk foods into small/shallow containers, or use an ice bath to cool foods quickly
  • Large food portions should be divided into smaller dishes before refrigerated
  • Use a food thermometer to make sure foods are cooked thoroughly (internal temperatures):
    • Poultry - 165 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Ground Beef - 155 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Pork - 150 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Beef - 130 degrees Fahrenheit to 145 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Leftovers - 165 degrees Fahrenheit

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