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Earth Day 2021 Spring Cleaning Webinar

  1. Recycle Right – Spring Cleaning Edition
    Interested in recycling properly and minimizing waste during your spring cleaning this month in honor of Earth Day? OC’s Education & Outreach Coordinator, Kyra Levau, will teach you about recycling guidelines, what happens to your recycling, and how to utilize the specialty recycling programs at the Waste & Recycling Centers. Various hard to recycle items such as electronics, household hazardous waste, rigid plastics, bulky items, scrap metal, clothing and shoes can be brought to Waste & Recycling Centers. By ensuring that you are correctly and safely recycling or donating unwanted items, you reduce waste sent to the landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable practices in your community. Honor Earth Day and prepare for spring cleaning by attending this webinar!
  2. Webinar Date & Time
    The Spring Cleaning Webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at 12:00PM. A confirmation email with the webinar link will be sent beforehand.
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