Lead Paint & Asbestos

Lead-based Paint

C and D debris including removed windows, doors, cabinetry, siding, etc. that is, or may be, coated with lead based paint should either be disposed of in a landfill or "abated" professionally (by either removing or encapsulating the lead based paint) and reused. Orange County Landfill is permitted to accept debris coated with lead based paint. The material should not be recycled with clean wood.


Asbestos is a material that was formerly used for fireproofing, in insulation and tiles, and for other applications. It is a known carcinogen. Special rules apply to the disposal of asbestos or asbestos-contaminated waste. 

For a list of North Carolina Accredited Asbestos Professionals, contact the Health Hazards Control Unit of the Division of Public Health / Epidemiology at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Their phone number is 919-707-5950.

Additional Information

For more information regarding rules governing asbestos visit the NCDHHS website.