Step 4 - Build Your Team

It Takes a Village

When working on your neighborhood disaster plan, ask yourself this question: what is our most important and most precious resource? You guessed it - each other! In order to carry out a productive and effective response in the event of an emergency, you need a team of people as invested in helping their neighbors and community as you are.

How do you form this group? Well, think of the diverse population within your defined area - families, businesses, churches, non-profits, schools and other local organizations. Think of the people with disabilities and other who have access and functional needs. All of these people need to have a voice sharing opinions, concerns, issues and resources specific to them.


Speaking of resources, service organizations in your area would be excellent contributors to help execute your disaster plan in the most successful way possible for those who will need it the most. Human service organizations, disability service providers, residential, community care, and assisted living Facilities in your neighborhood should all be consulted with and invited to join the team, including:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Community care facilities
  • Disability service providers
  • Human service organizations
  • Residential facilities

At the very least, representatives from these local organizations could have some great recommendations for the plan and suggesting new team members.

Remember: It takes a village, but all you need to do is ask

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