Group Visits Policy


Orange County Public Library welcomes group visits to its libraries and strives to make each experience enjoyable and educational for all participants. It is our goal to serve the greatest number of community members in a fair and equitable manner. 

Policy Statement

All group visits to the library must be prearranged at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure the library is adequately staffed to accommodate the request and space is available to provide a quality experience. In the event that a request cannot be honored, staff will work to find a more suitable and and time for a visit. 

The library must adhere to room capacity, building fire codes and safety procedures when making arrangements with outside groups. There we may need to limit the group size to meet such regulations and we ask that group visits maintain a 1:10 adult to child ratio.

Conduct and Courtesy

The library’s conduct and courtesy policy applies to all visitors. Library staff will follow guidelines set by that policy to address any behavioral issues that might arise during a group visit. Read the entire conduct and courtesy policy.

Revised May 2014